“A Surrealist Experience” is the latest video that Nattier’s content team has created for our website. It is a video that, from the first second of its playback, immerses the viewer in the purest extravagance of surrealist art.

As we know, surrealism is an art movement that emerges in Europe between both wars, and it’s highly influenced by the dadaism movement. But surrealism is not only an art movement, is a completely new way of conceiving life, it means that you are able to reunite conscious and unconscious realms of your own experience so that you join your world of dream and fantasy with the rational and everyday world.

“An absolute reality, a surreality”

Sigmund Freud

The video follows a theme in line with the tastes of the viewers, to give life to paintings as famous as those of Dali, Magritte or Frida Kahlo, which for just two minutes seem to come to life and enter the minds of the recipients. Furthermore, the Nattier team is pleased to inform its members that this video will be premiered on Saturday, June 26th at the Garnier Ópera in Paris, where attendees will be lucky enough not only to attend a Nattier event in such a privileged location, but also to enjoy the art, an exclusive company and, of course, an unbeatable catering.

The Nattier team hopes that viewers enjoy the video almost as much as our content production team enjoyed making it.