From the Nattier team, we want to share with you our growth. Thus, we want to show the Nattier logo evolution and briefly explain the history of our name. 


 Why Nattier? 

When this project started to be an idea that was more real than imaginary, we started looking for the name and the logo that would stand by us all the way. After several deliberations, we decided to name it Nattier. Nattier is not just a pretty name, it brings together two ideas that match with what we want this space to be: a place where fashion meets art. Nattier is a greenish blue tone that conveys three adjectives that reflect the ethos of our brand: peace, commitment and loyalty. 

 However, the meaning of Nattier does not stop here. This color is named after a 17th century French painter, Jean-Marc Nattier. This Rococo painter portrayed the Court of Louis XV, including the French Queen Marie Antoinette. But Marie Antoinette is not only a historical character, as her taste for fashion also dictated the trends of the time –both in Versailles as well as throughout Europe– and even today she is considered a fashion icon. For that reason, we thought this was the best name for our company since it represents a convenient mix between both art and fashion.



Nattier logo evolution

To capture our theme in a logo was not easy, as we wanted something elegant and minimalist but that would reflect what Nattier means to us: a place where fashion meets art. When we set out, we had one thing clear from our team, and is the fact that we wanted to make use of the Nattier blue tonality itself. Thus, we tried to give prominence to this color, and with a simple but elegant typography, we elaborated our first logo trials.




Which is our typograhy?

In fact, the typography chosen has been Bodoni in the existing variants available in each platform (e.g.: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle in Microsoft, Bodoni FLF in Canva or LTC Bodoni 175 in Adobe). We justify this decision by the elegance that its design gives us and that fits perfectly with our theme.  This modern typeface originally created by Giambattista Bodoni in 1790.


We soon began to understand that color had to be present but in a much more subtle way: sometimes, less is more. And, after brainstorming together, we decided to include some item related to the theme of our place. After trying several ideas –such as Ionic columns replacing the double T– we decided to play with the first letter of our initial. Indeed, following the elegant style of our typography, we included a stiletto heel to our initial and made it our icon. In addition, we incorporated the nattier colour in the inner sole of the heel, inspired by Louboutin shoes, which certainly were a turning point in the world of fashion with their characteristic red inner soles.

Icon and logo result

We knew we were facing a trial-and-error method but our enthusiasm to launch Nattier was boundless. Nowadays, we can’t be any prouder of the result as well as of the Nattier logo evolution and of our company in general.


The Nattier Color