Nattier is the home of fashion and art. We locate and promote brands to bring them closer to their audience. To do this, we use digital media and other communication networks. Thus, we are considered experts in Public Relations since we combine strategy, creativity, and analysis. So, our aim is to boost the visibility of your brand and ensure its success.

Nattier Home Fashion Art. The Louvre Inverted Pyramid
Nattier Home Fashion Art. A fashion show
Nattier Home Fashion Art. A museum room in black and white
Nattier Home Fashion Art. Team sharing ideas

At the moment, Nattier is an exclusive European Communication Agency. We only provide our services in four key cities of Europe: France, The Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, we anticipate that in the upcoming years, this panorama change. So, we hope to be offering our services in other European cities and even on another continent soon. 








Why Nattier?




Hello everybody!

Here is the surprise that Nattier had prepared for you: The Nattier team – in collaboration with different entities – has created a cycle of events that will take place between June and July of  2021: Where Fashion Meets Art. As we advanced previously, this cycle of events will consist of four days in which you will learn about an artistic movement and its influence on the fashion trends of the time. 

On June 17, we will start in Paris with The Baroque in the Fashion Industry hand in hand with the International Museum of the Baroque (Mexico).  There are many architectural masterpieces of this period, but have ever thought about what clothes people from this age wear? 

On June 26, we will remain in the French capital to live “A surrealist experience” and get up close the surrealism movement through the projection of a short film that will immerse us in the extravagance and surrealism of the works of the time. 

On July 1st, we will see you in Madrid that, in collaboration with the Museo del Romanticismo, we bring you a new proposal, Romanticism & Fashion. Through this event, we will be able of becoming experts in this artistic movement. We will see that fashion always comes back!

On July 8th, we will close the cycle of events in Barcelona. Nattier presents: Impressionism & Fashion, an incredible evening while taking a journey through the history of the fusion of impressionism and art.

Due to the actual health crisis, the conference will be take a bimodal version. The seating is limited as a preventive measure against COVID-19. Therefore, we offer the possibility to follow the event online.

For more info: visit Nattier Events or Contact Us by social networks